Board Members

Wessel Visser has a compassionate heart towards the children of our country and was the initial link to Kopenhagen Fur, one of S.P.E.S Charity’s big sponsors abroad. He brings great wisdom and experience on different levels to the table and is also a director of SPES.

Schalk Pienaar is married to Monica, with three kids. He served as a pastor in the Dutch Reformed Church since 1983 after finishing post graduate studies in Theology at University of Pretoria. He was the founder of the Windhoek Life Change Centre in 2001 through which the ministry originated that later became S.P.E.S. Charity. He is currently investing his time and skills in developing leaders and helping them reach their full potential.

Esmé Coetzee has been part of S.P.E.S Charity for over 14 years. Her passion is to help children and adults discover their unique potential regardless of their background or circumstances. Her dream is to help them reach this potential through restoration on different levels where their journey or surroundings have prevented or caused damage to their lives. She aspires to build on the 16-year-foundation of S.P.E.S Charity, through constantly improving and growing in depth of impact in the lives of the children and adults they are involved with.

Anneke Kruger is a qualified Social Worker with a passion for children. She has years of experience in the child protection sector. She works full time for SPES Charity as their operational manager, having the privilege every day to build into the lives of others. She is married and has one daughter. She believes that each person has the ability to reach their own unique potential, if you have someone to believe in you.

Susan Nel is married and have 2 beautiful children. She has 14 years of professional photography experience across a wide spectrum, including but not limited to corporate, social responsibility, studio, portraiture, food, documentary, weddings and events, conceptual, fine art, macro and more. Her dream is to capture the story and heart of those in need and to create awareness and inspire compassion. Through this igniting involvement and making a difference in the lives of the children of our country that are born into poverty.

Fiina Martin is part of S.P.E.S Charity’s leadership team. She owns her own preschool which started off as one classroom but now has grown to impact over 200 children. She is a great leader and visionary and can overcome great obstacles. She has great influence in her community and integrity is part of who she is. Her example has encouraged and motivated other schools to also rise above their circumstances and make a difference.

Magrietha Cloete is the principal and owner of one of the preschools that forms part of S.P.E.S Charity. Her school was one of the first that became part of the program 16 years ago. She is also one of the leaders and is part of the management team of S.P.E.S Charity. Her experience and involvement over the last 16 years has help build the foundation on which S.P.E.S. Charity functions today. Her determination and entrepreneur skills have brought her school on a very high level, making an enormous difference in the community where it is situated. She has a very deep compassion for children and those in need and her school and heart always is open to help anybody whom she encounters. 

Ester Nghiimbwasha is one of S.P.E.S Charity’s leaders whom also owns her own preschool. She has a deep compassion for the children in her community and their safety and well being is very important to her. She has a quiet strength and is a very humble leader. Her wisdom and compassion has influenced the direction of S.P.E.S Charity in a great way.

Martha Mutenga has a great heart and passion to make a difference in the lives of the children and the community around her. She owns her own preschool and is greatly involved with the parents and community of the children whom attend her school. Her humour and natural leadership have an enormous impact and people has great respect for her wisdom and influence. She has helped to shape the approach of S.P.E.S Charity on different levels.

Marizelle Pienaar is an enthusiastic mathematician with a passion for education and children. She Head of Retail Credit at FNB. She is a mother of three young girls, and spending time with them is one of her top priorities. Marizelle is a positive, energetic individual that loves to make a difference in the lives that she gets the privilege of spending time with.

Schalk Willem Pienaar is a passionate individual who qualified as a Chartered accountant. He is the chairman of the Board of SPES and he loves to make an impact on the lives of others. Bringing upon change is a top priority for him, given the continuously changing environment that we are faced with daily. He embraces the exponential growth that is possible in the businesses of today and wishes to take others along on his journey.

Liezl Moller has a B. Ed degree in Foundation Phase at the University of Stellenbosch as well as a B. Ed Hons in Inclusive Education, Addressing Barriers to Learning through UNISA. She is the founder of the Busy Brains Preschools as well as Alludio Academy and offers educational workshops to parents and caregivers which help them understand the importance of proper stimulation at an early age. She also has her own pre-school and has a great passion for children and their development.