Emotional Support & Counseling

Growing up in disadvantaged circumstances unfortunately gives way to emotional challenges such as abuse and neglect and other psychosocial issues.

Our heart and dream is to be more involved on this level, to support and help the children and teachers to receive counseling and healing. In order for them to build resilience regardless of their difficult circumstances. Furthermore, we dream to have a team of medical professionals supporting our organisation, giving their time and expertize to help the teachers and children.

Healthy emotional and physical development is vital to sustainable growth.


  • We have formed relationships with speech therapists, dentists and optometrist whom take our hands in helping children and teachers.
  • Two, 4-year-old girls, received glasses in 2018, both with such bad eyesight that it hindered their everyday life, seeing clearly for the first time in their life.
  • Thanks to regular speech therapy a little boy was able to attend a main stream school for grade 1 in 2019, after his initial diagnoses indicated that he needed to attend a special needs school.