Through training the teachers help the children in their care to receive a better education, learn, grow and have a chance for a better future. Teaching them in the light of God’s purpose and love for them. 

Our educational programs include:

-Character Transformation training (Biblical based values)

-School readiness curriculum training (0-6 years)


  • Feedback from an Educational Psychologist in 2015, assessing one of our educational programs, being implemented since 2014 at four of the schools, showed positive growth in areas of cognitive development, IQ, auditory perception, visual perception and ‘draw-a-person’.
  • Teachers receive positive feedback from primary schools regarding the quality of education at the pre-schools, thus making it easier for children to receive grade 1 placement in a good school.
  • We are embarking on the great privilege of writing our own school readiness program for children 0-6 years.