Through training and mentoring the teachers we aim to help the children in their care to receive a good education, learn, grow and open doors to a better future.

We implement our own day-to-day program developed from the curriculum of the Ministry of Education that is implemented at all the preschools registered as part of S.P.E.S Charity’s program.

We have a holistic approach focused on all the necessary developmental areas of a child: emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual.

The program aims to help children from the age of 0 – 6 years old.


  • In 2016 we did our first assessment, and this indicated that there were developmental delays in the visual development, auditory and physical development of the children. This gave way to the development and implementation of the S.P.E.S Charity day-to-day program. Re-assessment in 2023 showed significant improvement on the above-mentioned areas, as well as the overall development of the children.
  • Teachers receive positive feedback from primary schools regarding the quality of education at the pre-schools, thus making it easier for children to receive grade 1 placement in a good school.