S.P.E.S Charity (an incorporated association not for gain as stated in Article 21) was established in December 2011. The ministry originated almost 10 years earlier through the Windhoek Life Change Centre where it started in 2001.

This charity operates under a board of directors which includes four principle leaders from S.P.E.S schools. We have a team working on the ground consisting of 3 permanent staff members and 5 part-time staff members. As we highly value our teacher’s input and rely on their help to a great extent, we have nominated leaders from our teachers to help our team when working with individual schools.

Our charity is built on accountability and transparency. Therefore we provide an annual process where each school can apply/re-apply to be part of our program. Once they are an approved S.P.E.S schools, we commit to support them and also keep them accountable to our S.P.E.S Charity Pre-school Standards. (Including, but not limited to the government ordained standards and regulations, as well as child protection policies.) Regular visits, evaluations and mentorship takes place to support and help the teachers. As well as ensure sponsorships are used for the intended purpose. In return, our management group provide our donors with quarterly reports, feedback and marketing material to follow through on our transparence policy. PWC Namibia are our appointed auditors.